Wellness  that  Elevates

Pillars of Wellness


  • Food is medicine.
  • Eat real, nutrient-dense food that hasn’t been stripped of its goodness, energy and nutritional integrity.
  • Move daily. Exercise.
  • Find time for relaxation and self-care; focus on social connections.
  • Embrace daily rituals that nourish and balance you.

Stress Mitigation and Emotional Resilience:

  • Implement coping techniques, lean into your support system.
  • Take time every day to slow down, breathe and be still.
  • Live with purpose and gratitude.
  • Try to be present and mindful in all that you do.


  • Language is powerful, not only with others, but most importantly with yourself.
  • Practice techniques that allow you to use the power of your mind to set you up for daily success.

When I was creating a vision for my business and my logo, I knew it would have to have a significant personal meaning and represent an ideal.

Trū North is who you are at your core. It consists of those beliefs, values and principles you have chosen to govern your life, while Wellness is the dynamic process of growth with regards to your physical, mental and emotional well- being. With those concepts in mind, a helix seemed like the perfect representation of my business concept.


The helix is a symbol of resilience, evolution, growth, stability and strength. It is found in DNA, nature, galaxies, weather patterns, plants, animals and ancient architecture.

For a helix to form, it has to overcome its environment. It must embrace new conditions and conquer obstacles. Through this seemingly daunting process, it ultimately morphs into something beautiful. 

This ideal of adaptation and resilience is exactly why I incorporated this symbol into my logo.

In coaching both my autoimmune and weight loss clients, I find this symbol particularly meaningful. It is not easy to change habits, create new mindsets and have the willingness to face obstacles, but it’s also what makes life beautiful and meaningful.

Our journey can be crazy, messy and challenging, but the opportunities on the other side of growth are infinite.

My vision is a multi-faceted coaching experience. I want to partner with you to create wellness that elevates your health physically, mentally and emotionally.

How we will achieve wellness together:

  • Learn to embrace the transformative potential of whole-foods nutrition so you feel energized throughout the day.
  • Become your own greatest health and total wellness advocate so you can boost your metabolism, build a healthy relationship with food and learn safe weight loss habits.
  • Help you decipher and understand what your body is saying.
  • Focus on balanced nutrition, emotional resilience, and stress mitigation, which increases your vitality and mood.
  • Reduce inflammation, restore gut and digestive function.

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