Client Testimonials

Jan Peters is a phenomenal partner when it comes to personal wellness. She is willing to make your goals, her goals. I have strengthened relationships, improved wellness, and grown in faith because of her attitude towards helping everyone achieve the best version of themselves. I know no one better than Jan Peters as a life coach and wellness mentor


Jan is a great listening ear. She is there anytime greeting you with a smile and sound advice. She is a wonderful sounding board and someone to ask for advice and personal experience. Jan has a breadth of knowledge in all things wellness. She goes above and beyond what is expected of her and makes you feel like a priority.


Trū North Wellness for sure changed the way I look at what I eat. Let’s be honest. I have been skinny my whole life. I ate what I wanted and when I wanted. Then I turned 40. That is when it all happened. Slowly I started to gain weight. I went from 5 foot 5 around 120 lbs, to 150 lbs in the course of about 3 years. I also suffer from migraines. I reached out to Trū North Wellness to help me understand what a healthy diet was. I tracked for a week what I ate and turned it over to Janice Peters. She did a Personal Diet Analysis for me. It was kinda shocking, I am not going to lie. My water consumption was terrible. I ate a ton of processed foods. I pretty much lacked all the vitamins needed. My sodium was double the recommended average. I was a mess.

Over the past year I have tried to be more conscious of my meals I am making. I am not a giant fan of vegetables, but I am trying to add them to every meal. I have lost weight, and feel better. My headaches are not as often. I am still trying to live and eat better. I keep the analysis on my refrigerator to remind myself of what I used to eat. It is a slow and hard process. With a coach like Janice Peters, it makes it a lot easier. I keep to her recommendations and just take it day by day.


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